Caron Foundation Announces First Named Chair and the First among Free Standing Treatment Centers in the Nation — The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education.

Caron Medal for Ed Satell

Caron Medal for Ed Satell

During a special reception held in the rotunda of Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, Doug Tieman, CEO of the Caron Foundation, said: “I am thrilled to announce The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education at Caron. the first named chair at Caron and the first among free standing treatment centers in our nation. Through their generous support the Satell Family has always been there to support children and adolescents impacted by the disease of addiction. They have literally held out their hand time and time again to help our most vulnerable youth. Now through this transformational pledge, the Ed Satell Family will be celebrated for countless generations for every life changed and every life saved at Caron.” Ed Satell accepted the The Richard J. Caron Medal for Vision and Leadership, Ed was honored for his longtime commitment to Caron’s mission as well as his deep generosity. While standing at the feet of the iconic Ben Franklin statue, Doug Tieman spoke of all he had learned from Ed, calling him a “Mentor”.

The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education will support in perpetuity the existing Satell Family Children and Teens Program at Caron. The program was launched in 2010 and continues to serve as a beacon of caring for the unintended but traumatized young victims of addiction in families. Ann Marie Loose, the Director of Family Services at Caron who will hold this first Chair, said: “I witness firsthand the positive impact that the Satell Family Children’s Program has had on young lives. With the partnership of Ed Satell we are able to provide hope to young children that otherwise might suffer in silence. Now through this special bequest, we promise future generations that we will be here to support them during the most challenging period in their lives.”

Just a few of the heart wrenching testimonials from the children and teens (anonymous) who have participated include:

I learned that addiction is classified as a disease, such as cancer or diabetes. Age 12

I liked finding out that I was not the only kid whose dad is an alcoholic. Age 10

I loved the feeling of being able to let out your feelings. The activities were awesome. Age 11

I learned that it is a disease that you didn’t cause. It is a disease that stinks. Age 11

I learned that I shouldn’t be embarrassed about my mom’s ways. Age 11

I enjoyed working together and bonding with new people who have the same family problems. Age 12

The Satell bequest will insure that this vital program will help such young victims and their families through Caron in perpetuity. The Endowment will also enrich and expand Caron’s Jewish recovery services in its treatment centers and beyond.

Caron Treatment Centers is recognized as one of the largest nonprofit addiction treatment centers in the country. Thousands of patients and families have found hope and healing with Caron. For nearly 60 years, they have shaped the future of recoveries by using proven-evidence based practices and treating patients and families with respect and dignity. Caron’s comprehensive treatment approach helps get to the root of a behavioral health issue or addiction, putting patients and their families on the road to recovery.

Technion Confers Honorary Doctorate on Ed Satell


Technion Professor Hagit Attiya, Executive Vice President for academic affairs, Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie and honoree Ed Satell at the Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony in Israel.

Technion Professor Hagit Attiya, Executive Vice President for academic affairs, Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie and honoree Ed Satell at the Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony in Israel.

Technion Institute confers Honorary Doctorate on Newtown Square Resident Ed Satell

NEW YORK and MALVERN, PA (April 11, 2016) – Noted philanthropist, entrepreneur and community leader Ed Satell received an Honorary Doctorate from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on June 6th in Haifa. Mr. Satell, of Newtown Square, Pa. and Jupiter, Fla. has actively supported the Technion for years. He is a Technion Guardian, a designation reserved for those who have reached the highest level of support for the university, and a National Board member of the American Technion Society.
Mr. Satell is the Founder, former CEO, and current Executive Chairman of Malvern, Pa.-based Progressive Business Publications – a diversified executive information and education provider serving businesses, government and nonprofits. Mr. Satell believes, models and teaches, “Think we, not just me.” Most recently, he founded and endowed the Satell Institute, a prominent and active think tank for corporate social responsibility.
Mr. Satell has chosen to sponsor numerous Technion research projects in medicine and energy, including: the Satell Program in Stem Cell Science; the Satell Fellow in Stem Cell Research Program; the Ed Satell Doctoral Fellows Club Partnership; the Richard D. Satell Cancer Research Projects; and, at the request of Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie, he became the initial supporter of the Technion Energy Program (TEP) with the Satell Family Nitrogen Hydrogen Alternative Fuels Laboratory and Program. He also funded and plays an active role in the collaborative Satell UConn-Technion Global Energy Sustainability Program, and the Satell Technion-MIT Leadership Program at MIT, created to address the Technion’s future faculty needs.
“Many people support research, but very few people become involved personally,” said President Lavie. “Ed’s attention, his visits, his advice, his caring for the students … that makes the difference. It’s the full process of support and encouragement. Ed Satell is unique.”

The full video of this inspiring ceremony can be found at

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is a major source of the innovation and brainpower that drives the Israeli economy, and a key to Israel’s reputation as the world’s “Start-Up Nation.” Its three Nobel Prize winners exemplify academic excellence. Technion people, ideas and inventions make immeasurable contributions to the world including life-saving medicine, sustainable energy, computer science, water conservation and nanotechnology. The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute is a vital component of Cornell Tech, and a model for graduate applied science education that is expected to transform New York City’s economy.

American Technion Society (ATS) donors provide critical support for the Technion – more than $2 billion since its inception in 1940. Based in New York City, the ATS and its network of chapters across the U.S. provide funds for scholarships, fellowships, faculty recruitment and chairs, research, buildings, laboratories, classrooms and dormitories, and more.

Major New Initiative Announced — Establishment of Vital Think Tank

Ed Satell congratulates S.T.E.M. Scholars at the Franklin Institute, one of the initiatives he founded, on their graduation from this four-year cohort program for 15 students annually,.

Ed Satell congratulates S.T.E.M. Scholars at the Franklin Institute, one of the initiatives he founded, on their graduation from this four-year cohort program for 15 students annually,.

BREAKING NEWS:  Entrepreneur, civic leader and active philanthropist Ed Satell, of Philadelphia and Malvern PA, has announced a major new philanthropic project, The Satell Institute. This will be a fully endowed, independent, 501(c)3 nonpartisan thought leadership and research organization – A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Think Tank – focused on championing the interdependence of successful business organizations, the well-being of the communities they operate in, and the need they have for each other.

The Satell Institute, to be based in the Philadelphia region, will offer organizations workable strategies and opportunities, including partnering with nonprofits whose mission they find compatible, to more efficiently accomplish the greater good they seek. Corporate Social Responsibility is an inescapable priority for business leaders which should benefit the business partner while serving the needs of the nonprofit and the community.

The Institute is commencing a nationwide search for two key executives, Founding Executive Director and Founding Director of Research and Affiliated Scholars.  Mr. Satell will serve as Executive Chairman with a distinguished Advisory Board.

For additional information contact Regina Black Lennox at 610-854-6246.

2014 Hero of Liberty Award

2014-10-19 06.05.24 “You exemplify the American dream and the values we
teach young people every day, such as hard work, fairness,
good citizenship, and caring for others.

   It is our pleasure to present you with the 2014 Heroes of
Liberty Award. You are outstanding community leaders
who exemplify the highest standard of generosity and civic
engagement. “

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Global Philadelphia Profiles Ed Satell in International Magazine

Global Phila      The Global Philadelphia Association features Ed in the current International Magazine in an article titled Global Conversations with Ed Satell.  Ed describes his business values and focus on corporate social responsibility.

Global Philadelphia links major resources, organizations and individuals in the Philadelphia region to imagine new ways to showcase our international assets, draw others into relationship with our global resources, and develop ways to improve the region’s international brand.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of America’s democracy and a world-class city at the heart of a world-class region — an international destination with a richly woven fabric of global communities, organizations, and businesses. For more than three centuries, the world’s peoples have come here to find new opportunities and dream of a better future. Over the same period, Philadelphia has been exporting its ideas, energy, and products to friends and neighbors all over the world.  And the region has benefitted from the wealth of nonprofit organizations that enrich the quality of life, and the civic-minded citizens who support these.


Satell Technion-MIT Leadership Program Announced by The Technion Institute for Research

 Unique Technion-MIT Leadership Program Named for Ed Satell of Malvern, PA


NEW YORK and MALVERN, PA (August 7, 2014) – The competition to attract the world’s top researchers is a challenge all great universities face, especially in such fields as science, technology and engineering. Leading Israeli universities face an additional complication. Although long admired for its human capital, because of the country’s small academic community, its postdoctoral candidates must broaden their experience by going abroad to continue their studies. Many of these top students receive attractive offers from their host universities, leading to a subsequent “brain drain” at Israel’s universities.

Dr. Peretz Lavie, Technion President and one of the worlds premier sleep experts

Dr. Peretz Lavie, Technion President and one of the worlds premier sleep experts

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Satell Global Energy Sustainablilty Program Anounced by UConn

Drs. Gidi Grader, Director of the Technion Energy Program and the Satell NHAF Lab, and Daniel Weiner, Global Provost at UConn, visit the lab

Drs. Gidi Grader, Director of the Technion Energy Program and the Satell NHAF Lab, and Daniel Weiner, Global Provost at UConn, visit the lab

UConn Receives Gift for Global Energy Sustainability Program STORRS, Conn.- The UConn Foundation announced a significant gift from the Satell Family Foundation that will support UConn’s new research partnership in sustainable energy with Technion–Israel Institute of Technology.

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PBP Celebrates the Cook-Wissahickon Choir

Vibrant youth Choirs give children confidence and the opportunity to develop their gifts.

TheCW at JA Cook-Wissahickon (CW) Elementary School Choir is a growing success, now being touted as a school district-wide model.  For a budget and arts challenged school district like the City of Philadelphia, the CW Choir is an outstanding example of what internal vision, administrative support and community partnership can achieve.  [Read more…]

Support Center for Child Advocacy Honors Ed for Supporting Underprivileged Youth

On April 9th 2014 Judge Lois G. Forer Child Advocacy Award to Ed Satell, selected as a role model for his commitment to developing and funding over a dozen impactful programs for underprivileged youth.

Ed’s initiatives have served thousands of children and young people around the world who have lost parental support, lived in a substance abuse family, suffered from poverty or lacked an environment for opportunity or a positive role model.  These include adopting an entire K-8 city school, initiating a S.T.E.M. program for talented inner-city youth at the Franklin Institute, supporting orphanages, schools and safe havens for disadvantaged children in Israel, establishing an international social entrepreneur program at UConn to benefit indigent, 2014, the Support Center for Child Advocates presented The rural families in Guatemala, and creating The Satell Family Children’ & Teens Program at the Caron Foundation (PA and TX) benefiting hundreds of children hurt, confused, frightened and otherwise impacted by the substance abuse of family members.

Ed also developed a transformative program at Franklin & Marshall College that has prepared more than a thousand college students for the world of work, and trained hundreds of the Philadelphia area’s best and brightest high school students in leadership skills and social activism. There’s much more.

Ed’s passion for giving back spans more than The Support Center for Child Advocates (SCCA) for almost four decades, has responded to some of the most complex cases affecting children in the Philadelphia region, such as those involving large sibling groups, medically needy children and victims of criminal sexual abuse. Teaming specially trained volunteer lawyers with experienced child advocate social workers and staff attorneys, they have served more than 10,000 children and youth during this period, and will represent more than 900 youth this year alone.

The Annual Auction and Award presentation supports this vital work, and offers the SCCA the chance to honor a regional leader and to showcase the positive change this individual crates. Past honorees have included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former PA Governor Ed Rendell.

“Think WE, not ME”. When I first heard his words, I knew Ed was one of us. Ed inspires, challenges, and brings out the best in everyone. He cares, and takes action to create change. For more than 50 years, he has changed the story for thousands of children, not just in this region, but around the world. Ed is a role model for us all”


-Frank Cervone
Executive Director
The Support Center for Child Advocates


Ed Honored to Receive Heroes of Liberty Award from The National Liberty Museum

National Liberty Museum AwardProgressive Business publications is proud to announce that our Founder & CEO, Ed Satell, along with his wife, Cyma, will accept the 2014 Heroes of Liberty Award from the National Liberty Museum on October 18th, during the Glass Now Event at the Sheraton Philadelphia.

The `Heroes of Liberty’ Awards are presented each year to individuals whose lives reflect the ideals and principles to which the National Liberty Museum is dedicated,” says Museum CEO Gwen Borowsky. “These deserving individuals have worked to create positive change in our community both personally and professionally.”

The Museum sought to honor Ed for his strong dedication to values like respect, equal opportunity, integrity, courage and standing up for what’s right, coupled with his deep commitment to altruism and corporate social responsibility. In the Philadelphia region he’s known for his support for disadvantaged children, for developing programs for young people of promise, for his community initiatives and medical research projects, as well as for his patriotism and civic leadership. Mrs. Satell is a Board member of the Museum. The Satells agreed to this honor to help support and enhance the invaluable mission of one of Philadelphia’s, and our nation’s treasures, the National Liberty Museum.

Read more about the Heroes of Liberty Award at–tips-for-visitors–Heroes-of-Liberty-honorees–and-more-.html?soid=1101634996468&aid=mNY73SblmYI