2014 Hero of Liberty Award

2014-10-19 06.05.24 “You exemplify the American dream and the values we
teach young people every day, such as hard work, fairness,
good citizenship, and caring for others.

   It is our pleasure to present you with the 2014 Heroes of
Liberty Award. You are outstanding community leaders
who exemplify the highest standard of generosity and civic
engagement. “

With these words, Gwen Borowsky, President and CEO of the National Liberty Museum, presented Ed Satell and his wife, Cyma, with a stunning, one-of-kind glass bowl to commemorate the occasion during the Heroes of Liberty Event on October 18th.

The National Liberty Museum, located just steps from Independence Mall, celebrates the importance of freedom, positive American values and promotes mutual respect, understanding, civic responsibility and leadership.  Each year the Museum recognizes remarkable individuals whose actions have made a lasting impact on the community.

Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Corbett, saluted the Satells in a special letter, stating:” The Satells deserved to be recognized for their commitment to community service and many philanthropic contributions throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.  I commend the Satells for their leadership, compassion and unwavering dedication to serving others.  It is my hope that their example of service will continue to inspire others now and in the future.”