Civic Leader


Ed believes every community has three key elements, business, government and nonprofits.  He frequently speaks on the subject, describing this mix as vital to the overall vibrancy of the region.  Businesses are the economic engine that drive success.  The government provides safety and the rule of law.  Nonprofits create the quality of life … schools, hospitals, entertainment, youth activities, social services, museums … and so much more.

He is well-known for his pragmatic approach and long-term vision, so his expertise is sought by nonprofit and civic leaders.  Ed shares his skills and insights on eight local and one national Boards.

He is a member of numerous organizations, including the World Presidents Organization and AIPAC.

Although he prefers to keep a quiet profile, organizations frequently seek to honor him for his involvement. Ed accepts only one honor each year to help that organization.  A list can be found under the Recognitions tab.  In addition, Ed has received commendations from both Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, and Democratic former Governor Ed Rendell.  Excerpts from these are below …

seal of pa 1On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I commend you for upholding the highest standards of service, humanitarianism and philanthropy. 

Edward G. Rendell
November 2003



Through the Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust Fund, you have developed a legacy grounded in community service and scientific research.  Your contributions have enhanced the cultural beauty of our Commonwealth and promoted the richness of your Jewish faith.

Tom Corbett                      Susan Corbett
Governor                            First Lady
May 2011