Ed established two charitable foundations to support his belief that with success comes responsibility.  The Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust are among of the most effective in the region.  He provides the business expertise and understanding of best practices greatly valued by the nonprofits supported. Ed is known in the nonprofit world as a “thinking partner”. His quiet but extensive philanthropy is uniquely hands-on.

He focuses on five giving areas:

Ed moderates the Defining Middle East Update featuring international Statesman Tony Blair for the World Affairs Council

Ed moderates the Defining Middle East Update featuring international Statesman Tony Blair for the World Affairs Council

Disadvantaged Children:

  1. Cook Wissahickon K-8 Elementary School (CW) in Philadelphia. Inspired by a challenge from General Colin Powell, Ed “adopted” this failing public school and transformed it by putting a series of vital support programs in place. The partnership took Cook from the bottom 20% academically to the top 10% of city public schools today. He enables his employees to participate by mentoring at-risk students on company time; he also established the safe, structured Before and After-School Programs; as well as sponsors many enrichment activities for students and professional development opportunities for Faculty and Staff.
  2. Ed is the founding sponsor of the impactful S.T.E.M. Scholar Program at the Franklin Institute, a unique four-year cohort program that starts in 9th grade for a diverse group of economically-challenged but academically-talented students in Philadelphia.
  3. At the Caron Foundation, he identified and filled a need for a resource program for children and teens with family members affected by substance abuse by creating the Satell Family Children’s Education Program.

Additional substantial initiatives are with Junior Achievement and the Cradle of Liberty Council Boy Scouts, as well as the Yemin Orde Youth Village and the Jaffa Institute in Israel for disenfranchised children.

Higher Education Initiatives and Developing Young People of Promise:

  1. At Franklin & Marshall College Ed created the Life After College Success Program, known as The Satell Scholars, a transformative initiative for the college, preparing Juniors and Seniors for productive transitions to the business world. The Satell Scholar designation became the only non-academic notation on participating students’ official transcripts.
  2. The Satell Social Entrepreneur Internships at the University of Connecticut, an Honors Program, trains promising Business School students in micro-entrepreneur skills they then teach to indigent Guatemalan families during an intense eight-week program in rural villages.
  3. The Satell Doctoral Fellows initiative at The Technion Institute, Israel, empowers theresearch scientists in key medical and energy fields, while the Satell Teen Fellowship for Leadership & Social Activism teaches leadership and social responsibility to the best and brightest 11th & 12th grade students from the regional Jewish community.
  4. The Satell Global Energy Research Fellowships Program at the University of Connecticut empowers top doctoral students dedicated to energy research initiatives to study at Israel’s leading research institute.


  1. Because he believes nonprofits contribute to the quality of life in the community, and a vibrant, opportunity-rich community benefits all, Ed also focuses on supporting community institutions like the National Constitution Center, the Global Philadelphia Association, the Walnut Street Theatre, the World Affairs Council, International House, the National Liberty Museum … and more in the Philadelphia region.

Research Initiatives:

  1. He believes all human lives are impacted by disease, so he has founded and supports a number of medical research programs and labs across the globe involving using stem cells to combat cancer, including Rutgers University and the Technion Institute, Israel.
  2. To serve the world-need for affordable energy alternatives, he developed the Satell Nitrogen Hydrogen Alternative Fuel Program at The Technion, Israel which shows great promise.
  3. The Satell Technion-MIT Leadership Project is a ground-breaking initiative to produce the next generation of top research professors for Israel.


  1. Ed has a number of projects that support his heritage, as he believes all individuals should be proud of their heritage. One of his favorite comments is: “We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

A list of the institutions and projects Ed supports can be found under the Partners tab