A principled business leader for more than 54 years, Ed Satell is recognized for his strong values and focus on the greater good.   He is Founder and CEO of Progressive Business Publications (PBP), in Malvern, PA.  A multi-division executive information and education provider, PBP serves businesses (including nearly all of the Fortune 1000), government and nonprofit organizations.  Ed employs more than 500 individuals in three states.  His company is well-known for a strong, supportive culture of accountability and dedication to corporate social responsibility. He believes, models and teaches “Think we, not just me”.

Through Ed’s visionary leadership and business acumen, PBP has been continuously profitable, with no debt, for over 25 years.  One of its strengths is an agile infrastructure that can produce and process tens of thousands of business orders efficiently.  This allows great flexibility to launch new proprietary revenue streams providing a competitive advantage.  The company’s revenues are well-diversified and tied to a successful, scalable business model.

During its five-decade history, Ed’s company has experienced several visionary stages and skillfully adapted to market forces, new technology and business opportunities.  Ed led the company through each of these critical stages, driving innovation, focusing on selling systems to better serve customers, and emphasizing employee training and values.  One of these involved Ed’s leadership when the market indicated publishing growth would not continue.  Ed and his talented staff changed PBP’s approach from an emphasis on getting new customers to doing more business with each customer.  PBP developed a series of e-commerce businesses including webinars, executive reports, regulatory compliance services, training, executive education and certification programs, and more – a true entrepreneurial success story.

PBP emerged strong from the downturn in publishing and continues to move nimbly to remain current with new technologies.  Forward-looking strategies covering the intersection of digital technology,  customer relationship management and marketing, built around adding new revenue streams and utilizing PBP’s unique infrastructure foster Ed’s continued  achievement  that has propelled the company into the new age.

For more information on PBP please visit the company website:  www.pbp.com