Support Center for Child Advocacy Honors Ed for Supporting Underprivileged Youth

On April 9th 2014 Judge Lois G. Forer Child Advocacy Award to Ed Satell, selected as a role model for his commitment to developing and funding over a dozen impactful programs for underprivileged youth.

Ed’s initiatives have served thousands of children and young people around the world who have lost parental support, lived in a substance abuse family, suffered from poverty or lacked an environment for opportunity or a positive role model.  These include adopting an entire K-8 city school, initiating a S.T.E.M. program for talented inner-city youth at the Franklin Institute, supporting orphanages, schools and safe havens for disadvantaged children in Israel, establishing an international social entrepreneur program at UConn to benefit indigent, 2014, the Support Center for Child Advocates presented The rural families in Guatemala, and creating The Satell Family Children’ & Teens Program at the Caron Foundation (PA and TX) benefiting hundreds of children hurt, confused, frightened and otherwise impacted by the substance abuse of family members.

Ed also developed a transformative program at Franklin & Marshall College that has prepared more than a thousand college students for the world of work, and trained hundreds of the Philadelphia area’s best and brightest high school students in leadership skills and social activism. There’s much more.

Ed’s passion for giving back spans more than The Support Center for Child Advocates (SCCA) for almost four decades, has responded to some of the most complex cases affecting children in the Philadelphia region, such as those involving large sibling groups, medically needy children and victims of criminal sexual abuse. Teaming specially trained volunteer lawyers with experienced child advocate social workers and staff attorneys, they have served more than 10,000 children and youth during this period, and will represent more than 900 youth this year alone.

The Annual Auction and Award presentation supports this vital work, and offers the SCCA the chance to honor a regional leader and to showcase the positive change this individual crates. Past honorees have included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former PA Governor Ed Rendell.

“Think WE, not ME”. When I first heard his words, I knew Ed was one of us. Ed inspires, challenges, and brings out the best in everyone. He cares, and takes action to create change. For more than 50 years, he has changed the story for thousands of children, not just in this region, but around the world. Ed is a role model for us all”


-Frank Cervone
Executive Director
The Support Center for Child Advocates