Caron Foundation Announces First Named Chair and the First among Free Standing Treatment Centers in the Nation — The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education.

Caron Medal for Ed Satell

Caron Medal for Ed Satell

During a special reception held in the rotunda of Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, Doug Tieman, CEO of the Caron Foundation, said: “I am thrilled to announce The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education at Caron. the first named chair at Caron and the first among free standing treatment centers in our nation. Through their generous support the Satell Family has always been there to support children and adolescents impacted by the disease of addiction. They have literally held out their hand time and time again to help our most vulnerable youth. Now through this transformational pledge, the Ed Satell Family will be celebrated for countless generations for every life changed and every life saved at Caron.” Ed Satell accepted the The Richard J. Caron Medal for Vision and Leadership, Ed was honored for his longtime commitment to Caron’s mission as well as his deep generosity. While standing at the feet of the iconic Ben Franklin statue, Doug Tieman spoke of all he had learned from Ed, calling him a “Mentor”.

The Ed Satell Family Endowed Chair for Children and Adolescent Education will support in perpetuity the existing Satell Family Children and Teens Program at Caron. The program was launched in 2010 and continues to serve as a beacon of caring for the unintended but traumatized young victims of addiction in families. Ann Marie Loose, the Director of Family Services at Caron who will hold this first Chair, said: “I witness firsthand the positive impact that the Satell Family Children’s Program has had on young lives. With the partnership of Ed Satell we are able to provide hope to young children that otherwise might suffer in silence. Now through this special bequest, we promise future generations that we will be here to support them during the most challenging period in their lives.”

Just a few of the heart wrenching testimonials from the children and teens (anonymous) who have participated include:

I learned that addiction is classified as a disease, such as cancer or diabetes. Age 12

I liked finding out that I was not the only kid whose dad is an alcoholic. Age 10

I loved the feeling of being able to let out your feelings. The activities were awesome. Age 11

I learned that it is a disease that you didn’t cause. It is a disease that stinks. Age 11

I learned that I shouldn’t be embarrassed about my mom’s ways. Age 11

I enjoyed working together and bonding with new people who have the same family problems. Age 12

The Satell bequest will insure that this vital program will help such young victims and their families through Caron in perpetuity. The Endowment will also enrich and expand Caron’s Jewish recovery services in its treatment centers and beyond.

Caron Treatment Centers is recognized as one of the largest nonprofit addiction treatment centers in the country. Thousands of patients and families have found hope and healing with Caron. For nearly 60 years, they have shaped the future of recoveries by using proven-evidence based practices and treating patients and families with respect and dignity. Caron’s comprehensive treatment approach helps get to the root of a behavioral health issue or addiction, putting patients and their families on the road to recovery.